Coalition of Franchisee Associations Adds Three Member Associations

Washington, D.C. (Aug. 6, 2015) — The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) membership has grown its membership by welcoming the Eastern VA 7-11 Franchisee Owners Association, the South Florida Franchise Owners Association of 7-Eleven and the National TUPSSO Franchise Owners Association.

“We are pleased to have these associations as our newest members,” says Keith Miller, CFA chairman. “As our membership grows, we are in a better position to represent all franchisees. We will continue to work to represent their interests to strengthen franchising by ensuring that the franchisees who invest in our local communities have a voice in working toward a more balanced and profitable position.”

Committed solely to franchisees, represents nearly 39,000 franchise owners and more than 87,000 locations and 1.4 million employees. The organization’s growth is a testament to franchisees recognizing the CFA’s efforts in fighting for franchisee rights, pro small-business legislation and against over-regulation.

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