Coalition of Franchisee Associations Supports the Protect Florida Small Business Act

As an advocate for small businesses, the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) is pleased to announce its support of pro-franchisee legislation unveiled today for the upcoming Florida legislative session. Sponsored by state Sen. Jack Latvala (R-16) and Rep. Jason Brodeur (R-28), the Protect Florida Small Business Act will level the playing field for owners of franchised small businesses and provide legal protections that will lead to more economic growth and jobs in communities across the state.

“CFA applauds Sen. Latvala and Rep. Brodeur for their introduction of the Protect Florida Small Business Act. Franchise owners in Florida invest, employ and pay taxes in their communities. Increasing the protections for these local businesspeople creates an environment that gives incentive for future investments,” CFA Chairman Keith Miller said.

“More than 400,000 jobs in Florida are directly tied to the hard work and efforts of franchised small-business owners,” explained Latvala. “Currently these small businessmen and women have no real protection if the national corporation drops them as a franchise holder. This is not a level playing field, this is wrong, and it must change.”

If enacted, the Protect Florida Small Business Act will provide additional safeguards for franchisees, including protecting against unjust terminations, unfair restrictions on sales and transfers and unsubstantiated non-renewal of franchise agreements.

“As a legislator, I want to continue to make sure Florida has the most business-friendly climate in America. As a chamber of commerce president, I’m particularly sensitive to the threats against small-business owners from out-of-state companies,” said Brodeur. “I want to be sure that there is a level playing field for all business owners in Florida, whether they are a small independent shop or a franchisee.”

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  1. I am Subway owner and we are facing trouble due to over development. We have no protection. Living in democratic country law is always protecting big corporation and need to change. Our (Frenchisee) number are big on voting but it doesn’t work this way. It works other way around, who has more money to support them lobbyist.

  2. We are the very fabric of the small business world. We train 80% of the working public. Franchisees need protection from the big corporations.
    We sign an agreement then they change it and we can’t fight their legal depts

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